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Brake DrumBrake Drum

Brake Drum

  • 3600A brake drum
  • Product description: brake drum

1.Preferred alternative to off-shore and price-point drums;

2.Improved ride characteristics;

3.Tighter dimensional control;

4.Proven quality and performance.

brake drum

Product Description

I.The detail description of brake drum

1.The brake drum is mainly supply for famous brand of heavy-duty trucks in the world.
2.Generally, the material of brake drum is nodular cast iron(ductile iron),Tensile strength is 400, Elongation is 17.And chemicals performance: C:3.0~4.0%, Si:1.8~3.2%, Mn:0.7~0.9%, P:0.1~0.2%.

II.The strength of our brake drum

1.Each of our samples of brake drum have been tested in advance, the advance test equipment including CMM, tensile strength testing machine, hardness tester, spectrometer, parallel tester, etc.So can meet the strict quality standard.

2.Our brake drum have passed the ISO/TS16949 certification, with good quality and high safety performance.

3.The most strict testing standard, to ensure the good dynamic balance, no crack, and correct dimension.
4.Competitive price and fast delivery time.

brake drumbrake drum

Production Process

brake drum

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