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1. The details of clutch disc

I.Auto clutch includes clutch plate,clutch disc ,clutch cover and clutch bearing, which in a car allows working parts of machinery to be connected or disconnected smoothly. Clutch disc is used in most older automatic transmissions and some newer ones for shifts which require the synchronized engagement of one clutch with the disengagement of another. Clutch cover allows working parts of machinery to be connected or disconnected smoothly. Which usually operated in a fully automatic mode, and many also have the ability to allow the driver to manually shift gears in semiautomatic mode, albeit still carried out by the transmission's electro-hydraulics.

clutch disc

2. The advantages of clutch disc

I. We design and supply clutch disc and clutch cover in the Range: 160 mm to 452mm

Diameter for , Europe, Japan, America , Korea  and Chinese Vehicles etc

Clutch disc and clutch cover available application: commercial car,Heavy duty truck,

Agricultural. Industry vehicle

clutch disc

Clutch disc and clutch cover quality guarantee: For all incoming matrials and

component is strictly controlled. With every time undergoing self-inspection in addition finished products are inspected before being approved for

delivery to customers .

II. Our clutch disc have passed the ISO9001:2000, TS16949 certification, with good quality and high safety performance.

clutch disc
III. The most strict testing standard, to ensure the good dynamic balance, no crack, and correct dimension.
IV. Competitive price and best service. We can produce all kinds of castings according to customer's drawings or samples to meet your requirements.

clutch disc

3. Auto clutch for overseas market

clutch disc

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