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Brake Disc

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1.Professional sales & marketing team
2.Prompt delivery
3.Good quality with best price

Product Description

brake disc

I. The breif description of brake disc

Each disc is then precision manufactured using state of the art CNC machines before being subjected to a final, 100% dyno balance test.
A first class manufacturing process coupled with stringent quality testing ensures safety, reliability and performance from each and every brake disc.

brake disc

II. The strength of brake disc

1.More friction force,small wear rate and dual wear
2.Truck brake disc nodular graphite iron casting
3.Material: Gray iron HT-250, Meet the American Standard G3000, Also offer ductile cast iron.
4.Hardness: 180- 240HB
5.Long service life

brake disc

OEM Service

We can produce all kinds of castings according to customer's drawings or samples, to meet your requirements.

brake disc

Packaging & Shipping

1.Our Brake disc will be packaged in standard export wooden pallet, Waterproof membrane or wooden case, please rest assured.

2. We can help clients to deliver the brake disc to your city or your seaport according to the requirements.

3.Any special requests of shipping, please talk with us, we will try our best to help.

brake disc

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brake discbrake discbrake discbrake disc

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